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01 January 2013 @ 12:00 am
Click here to access consolidated list of my Domoto Kyoudai subb video

~~Welcome Message~~
I'm an individual subber subbing & maintaining this entire blog
There are no groups or forums forming here
Feel free to leave msg or comment ard this blog/guestbook

Everyone who came here is because they wanna know more about KinKi
This blog doesn't allow "ONLY Koichi" or "ONLY Tsuyoshi" fans here
"KinKi Kids = Koichi + Tsuyoshi"

~~Warning ~~
Please do not upload any subb videos to any streaming video site
If found would be blacklisted & request to delete

I respect everyone by not locking any posts
Therefore would hope everyone would follow the rules above strictly

07 July 2012 @ 07:47 pm

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Highlight point in this episode should be the Duo Love Battle
between Yuzu and KinKi where they were given a question and
had to guess the answer that their partner would write.
This game to test how much they knew again each other.

Here are some of the questions being asked :
What is Koichi ideal girl image ?
What is Koichi favorite phrase ?
Food that Tsuyoshi dislike ?
25 May 2012 @ 05:30 pm
Hi there, I'm selling the following KinKi's items (Part 1)
There are more to come coming soon

As I always had the habit of buying two of the same items,
one for use the other for collecting therefore decided to sell the additional ones
Most of them are really rare items especially Koichi endless shock DVD and phamplet.

Interested parties, please read here
>> Based in Singapore, but willingly to ship overseas
>> For price of all items, please email me @ meltingmimosa@gmail.com
>> Details/Status of items would be provided upon request
Do leave a comment in this post if you're interested

[Items Inside (Click To Open)]
1) K Album (Brand New Jap Limited Edition ; Not Open since purchase)
2) Koichi Solo Single Ayakashi (Normal & Normal First Press)
3) Koichi "Endless SHOCK" Original Sound Track [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

4) Deep in your heart / +MILLION but -LOVE [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type Red]
5) Deep in your heart / +MILLION but -LOVE [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type Green]
6) Koichi Concert Tour 2006 mirror -The Music Mirrors My Feeling- [Limited Edition]
7) Koichi mirror Album [Limited Edition]

27 April 2012 @ 12:01 pm

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Highlight point in this episode should be the drawing
from our great artist Koichi with it's own rabbit w it's leg crossed
To compete with him, we have our guest K-san where
Tom commented to encourage him to attend art school
before he left for his 2 years military service.

Watch to the very last where Koichi/Tsuyo/K
drew portrait of Kyoko-chan where Kyoko commented "Horrible"
09 October 2011 @ 07:00 pm


This is my first subb since Domoto Kyoudai revamp into new version.
Main reason of subbing mainly due to kawaii Pan-chan
Also Koichi super cute interaction with his lovely Pan
Not only Pan, Nishikawa bring along his Wii and JUJU's Don-chan.

Replacing One Question One Answer was this Book of Lies
to clarify some rumours with the guest and letting member to guess
is this true or false.

12 September 2011 @ 11:32 pm


Overall this episode sounds quite fun as KinKi futari would interact with the guest.
Highlight would be Koichi mentioning his interesting experience overseas.
Having to bath super fast because the blocked drainage in his hotel bathroom.
Tom-san said could it be Koichi took his own sweet time to bath which cause the flood.
Ended up Koichi was asked to demo how he fast did he bath as he personally mention that he did bath very quickly. Not to miss Koichi super fast bathing action.
Last but not least 2 nice songs from our guest Chemistry
~Enjoy everyone~

31 March 2011 @ 10:18 pm

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You could hear how Koichi talking about his experience as overcome his difficulties
when he was in the middle of acting Endless Shock when he jaws came off.
Also cute Koichi asking stupid question which was usually asked by primary school kids
but later he were told to rephrase it in a mature way.

In this episode, you could see naughty KinKi and Tom-san bullying our Yucali
Tanimura was demo-ing her good flexibility on the standing trunk flexion instrument
And Tom-san which started to claim that Yucali has good flexibility too but in fact she was the opposite.
Another technique from Tanimura was also leg-splitting. Again Yucali was being highlighted again to do it.
When she can't go down any further and was stuck there, regardless of it naughty Koichi ask her faster do it.

Today's special guest was Mochida Kaori from Every Little Thing as Tanimura like her
Naughty Tsuyoshi try to joke by saying Kaori bad-mouth Tanimura in the lift.
You could see interesting expression where Kaori stared at Tsuyo.
Nice atmosphere Nice guest Nice songs so everyone enjoys
16 January 2011 @ 10:17 pm

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This is the 2nd appearance of Kuraki Mai
Continue the topic discussing about washing machine with Koichi demonstrating it aggressively.
Koichi suddenly start a topic sharing his worries with everyone.
What would his worries be which Tsuyoshi commented that was insignificant

In this episode there's a corner where they are discussing mail which would make your heart throbbing.
Pre-define a theme, there's a total of 3 mails
They had to guess out which one was guess by Kuraki Mai
It was a funny & interesting episode

~Hope everyone enjoy this~
27 December 2010 @ 09:58 pm

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~Nakamura Shidou Past & Present Walker~
1) Longing to visit Yakitori House
2) Heading to memories Ramen House
Heading to memories Tempura House
4) Heading to Purchase Dinner Ingredient
5) Heading to memories Live House

Tsuyoshi & Shidou this combi surprisingly get along with each other
Theme for this episode is to go back to Kichijyoji where
Shidou spent his days during high school times.
Able to see the 2 guys holding the basket shopping in supermarket
Men talk with sharing of thoughts towards different kind of view
Also amusing impromptu singing of the both of them in live house

~Hope everyone would enjoy this~
18 April 2010 @ 11:05 am

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~Tokyo Disney Resort Love Love Night Date~
1) Disneyland Hotel Superior Suite Room
Disneyland latest attraction
3) Disneysea Restaurant with enjoying night view
Disneysea Night View Date Course
5) Cirque Du Soleil Theater Tokyo 「ZED」

This is another Disney series by Shindoi - 3rd recording
The first and second time was with Becky and now was Ueto Aya
As Ueto Aya was Becky best friend therefore she specially sent a
hand-written letters to Shindoi staffs for both Tsuyo & Aya
The letter was to teach Aya how to resolve Tsuyo low tension
It contains all sorts of Becky funny ideas towards Tsuyoshi

~Hope everyone would enjoy this~